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Relax your mind, care about yourself...

Hi there,

I am Sandrine Neri, a French hairdresser, living in Amsterdam.

I work with hair for 25 years already. 

I love my profession! It gives me the opportunity to connect with people and help them on their journey to achieve the best version of themselves. I find it exciting to learn about the hairstyle wishes of my clients, to plan together and to make them happy with the result. Because it is not only hair, it is your first representative tool of your personal style. My goal is to find the right haircut and color which will perfectly fit your face, body type and lifestyle.

To make you happy, will make me happy. :)

See you soon!

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Treat yourself, you deserve it!

Boost your hairstyle, boost your spirit!


Your most precious accessory is your hair. When it looks good, you will glow from inside. Confidence is the best outfit of a woman. With good hair, you'll get it!


Running after the clock? But you wish to do it all in a short periode of time.. Well,  it's possible! Our special LED light treatment will boost your collagen, give you a better skin, and restore the vitamin D you need so badly. And while the light does its' magic: enjoy a calming head, neck, shoulder, arm, hand and feet massage. To complete the treatment, we make your eyebrows look their best.

Now you are ready to start a new, fresh day!

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Choose the spirit, you want to be in!

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