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Hair coloring:

Don't wash your hair before coloring it. The "fat", called sebum, is a natural protection for your scalp.

Brushing your hair:

Always use a soft brush to untangle your hair. Start from the ends and slowly move your way up to the top of your head. Do not use comb or hard plastic brush! With that informations your hair should break less and get longer more beautifully.

Hair washing & masque:

Apply the masque onto your hair on the evening before going to bed.

When washing your hair  be careful not to tangle it while doing it

(you can ask more info when you come to our salon).

Long Lashes

Eyebrow tip:

After coloring your eyebrows, wash them really gently, your eyebrow dye will last longuer.
Brush the brow hairs upward for a more lifted impression.
Woman with Face Cream

Face tip:

Use a derma roller on a cleaned face before applying your face cream, therefore the product can sink deeper into the sink. Be very gentle. Use 70% alcohol spray to clean your derma roller.  

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